Plantain frittata


1.plantain(two big ones)

2.fresh fish(scubia) you can use sardines as well

3.Red and green bell peppers(tatashe)
4.Eggs(i used 5eggs)

5.seasoning cubes/curry/thyme (I used 2cubes,1tbsp curry/thyme).

6.garlic(optional) me I love garlic so😋


Peel the plantains,cut in them in the shapes shown down below,fry them to your preference and set aside. After that,reduce the oil you used in frying the plantains leaving very little oil in your pan (like 2tbsp) allow the oil to heat up then add in garlic,Onion and sortie (fry) for a minute then add in the chopped bell peppers (leave a little of the peppers for garnish later ).fry for just 2mins on medium heat cos you don’t want the veggies to loose their color (over fried).

Now add in the shredded fish (that’s how your shredded fish should look like down below)then add curry,thyme,seasoning cubes,stir gently.after that ,in a bowl whisk the eggs , add a lil bit of salt,bring down the fried sauce ,allow to cool down a bit then u pour it into the bow of whisk eggs.stir it gently and set aside.

Now return the pan to heat(pls at this time make sure your heat is reduced to the lowest) now pour back the mixture to the pan , start placing the fried plantains on-top of the mixture in a circular motion ( Asin place the plantain round on top you understand?)

Now place the remaining veggies you didn’t fry on top also And cover the pan very well .leave it there to cook gently for 15min pls on the lowest heat.

After 15min, open it.if it’s ready to eat you’ll notice the up is totally firm like it is shown down below.Allow to cool down for a bit then take a knife and give it that pizza cut shape as it is shown down below.

Note:please do not open the pan until after 15mins just be patient it won’t burn .

2: I’ll advice you use a non sticking pan But you can stil use any pan you have .

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