Catfish Banga soup


Catfish (any size of your choice). Pls note river catfish tastes better than pond.
1 large onion divided into 2 half chopped and half blended with the peppers
1 tsp Cameroon Pepper
2 tsp Seasoning powder or Bouillon cubes (divided into two)
3 Medium Stockfish Panla, Okporoko – soaked in hot water
1 Can Palm-nut Extract
2 Scotch bonnets
1 Tablespoon Banga Spice a blended mixture of Irugeje and ataiko
1-2 Tablespoons Crushed Obeletientien leaves or Dried bitter leaves.
1 Oburunbebe stick
2 Medium Dried Fish – soaked in hot water and deboned
4 to 6 Cups Water/stock
1 tbsp ground crayfish
Salt to taste

Cooking directions:
-Cook your banga until it softens (30mins plus); pound carefully, rinse the pounded banga and extract the banga water by using a sieve.
-Rinse the catfish, add the diced onions, Cameroon pepper, seasoning powder, and salt.
-Cook till the meat becomes a tender; remove and set aside.
-In another pot cook the stockfish and cook for 10 mins.
-Pour the palm nut concentrate inside the same pot. Dilute with some water and leftover catfish stock from the boiled catfish.
-Cover and leave to cook until the oil begins to float on top of the soup.
-Meanwhile, blend the scotch bonnet pepper and the remaining half onion and add to the palm nut.
-Add the Banga spice, smoked fish, seasoning powder, salt, crayfish, and Banga stick. Cover and leave to cook for another 10 mins.
-Add your cooked catfish and leave for 3-4 mins.
-Stir in and bitter leaves. Leave to simmer till thickened to your taste…

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